Our Story


The story of this community, starts in my community.

Five years ago I started inviting people over to our house for dinner. We had been doing this very act for years but this time we asked people to pay to come. We took that money and gave it to an organization to fight human trafficking. We fed our community and our community helped those that needed freedom.

Sounds simple enough right?

But it grew. Before my very eyes it grew and became something I hadn't expected, prepared for or thought I could do.

It grew into more dinners hosted not just by me, but by other communities.

It grew into a cookbook, called Dinner Changes Everything, that tells our story.

It grew into a website called Ciderpress Lane where I write about hosting, recipes and everything in between.

It grew into a Fair Trade Online Shop where we sell ethically sourced and handmade items.

It grew into helping raise $30,000 to fight human trafficking.

It grew.

Before I knew it, it felt like I was living the dream that had been quietly sitting on the side lines of my heart. The work I was doing every day was tethered to what I had always done in some way, but now I could see it from a new perspective.


After a few years of this growth, something strange started happening:

People started asking me for help on their dream or asking for help finding it. They wanted to know how I did it. How did I come up with this idea? How did I make the time? How did I have the energy or skill or connections? And how did I keep the hope alive while pursuing it?

With each answer I gave I realized they all had one thing in common. I didn't do it alone.

So I wrote the book Dream Catcher for all the women that want to know how to do it. But I created this community for the women who want to get it done.


Community is a powerful tool my friend.

In my story there was always someone I was asking for help, something new someone was teaching me, someone volunteering to walk along side, or someone just encouraging me that I was walking in the right direction.

Sure dreams, ideas and goals take hard work on your part. But I truly believe that none of this would have happened or grown to what it has become if I didn't have a community around me the whole time. 

I'm setting the table for you now, find your seat and let's begin.